Ebunoluwa A.

Honors Recruitment Officer at Towson University


Class of 2024

Hometown: Joppa, MD

Major: Molecular Biology Biochemistry & Bioinformatics

Concentration: Molecular Biology

What is your favorite aspect of the Honors community?

Although virtual, I love attending the HCLC meetings and being part of the volunteer/service committee. I feel like I am part of the decision-making process of how we can better help out the community around us

What advice would you give a prospective Honors student?

Don't be afraid to challenge yourself and put yourself out there. When you don't ask for something, the answer will always be a no, until you ask.

What is an academic experience - like a book, project, or research paper - that has had an impact on your life?

TSEM 190 is a class that I will never forget over the course of my years at Towson. The class was discussion based, and it pushed me to think about life, and analyze my life in ways that I had never done before.

Why did you choose the Honors College?

I chose the Honors College because I wanted to be part of a community that would challenge me to be the better version of myself.

I'm passionate about...

Reading! Singing

I'm involved with...

Agape Christian Campus Fellowship ASBMB TU Research Enhancement Program Towson Opportunities in STEM Honors College
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