Jean C.

Honors Recruitment Officer at Towson University

Class of 2024

Hometown: Middle River, MD

Major: Mathematics

Concentration: Secondary Education

What advice would you give a prospective Honors student?

Don't be intimidated! You are not alone! There are so many helpful students and faculty within the Honors College that you will never stay confused confused for too long or be out of the loop.

Why did you choose the Honors College?

I chose the Honors College because I knew there was an incredibly involved and supportive community behind it. They have so many resources and opportunities to engage and meet new people that as a freshman I feel incredibly welcome and a part of TU even without being able to be on campus.

What is an academic experience - like a book, project, or research paper - that has had an impact on your life?

One book that had an impact on my life was Ordinary People by Judith Guest. I had to read this book as part of an independent research project in my junior year. It was about a boy, Jarrett, who struggles with the depression of losing his brother and facing the feelings and struggles of how it has impacted his family. This book was not only moving but the basis of my first research essay. It gave me a new perspective on how in depth analysis can be and the psychological effects of having to hide your pain and pretend that everything is okay. It was an incredibly moving experience and one that I will take with me as I continue writing and empathizing with those around me.

What is your favorite aspect of the Honors community?

My favorite aspect is the students and opportunities given through the Honors College Leadership Council. It is incredibly inclusive and allows you to build relationships with Honors College community leaders. It also keeps you up to date on important events within the Honors College AND if it interests you you can be a part of deciding and planning Honors events for your peers!

I'm passionate about...

Family and Friends Education Gaining New Perspectives Listening to and Helping Others

I'm involved with...

Math Education Club
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