Aleksei D.

Team Member at Towson University

Class of 2020

Hometown: Udmurtskaya Respublika, Russia

Major: Geography & Environmental Planning

Concentration: Geospatial Applications

Secondary Major: -

Minor: GIS

My Schedule:

To reach out to me, you can schedule a virtual meeting via this link: https://calendly.com/adokuc1

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What was your biggest adjustment and how did you turn it into a positive experience?

Since I transferred from a community college, it was hard for me to adjust to having so many activities going on on campus. I guess I was running into a problem when there is so much choice, you end up not choosing anything. After almost two semesters here, I have managed to figure out what my interests are and it is easier now to find the events I am genuinely interested in. For all the freshmen on here, I recommend really trying every activity they can on campus, and finding what they like the most afterwards.

You could have chosen any university in the world, why did you choose Towson University?

I chose Towson University because it was close to me regionally, since I live in Baltimore County. Moreover, it is one of the few institutions in the region that was offering Geography as a bachelor of science program with a strong GIS component.

Please tell us a story about your experience at Towson University

I have transferred to Towson University a couple of semesters ago and totally fell in love with the community. The campus has a variety of amazing facilities for both academical and recreational purposes. Downtown Towson is filled with amazing restaurants and places to hang out and find new friends. As I transferred to the university, I found a great community around the Swimming Club in Burdick Hall, and got to meet a lot of new people there. Overall, I feel it is a good place to spend your four or more years of life to broaden your perspectives.

Please list languages that you can speak fluently.

I can speak both English and Russian

I'm passionate about...

Traveling Exploring New Places Meeting New People

I'm involved with...

Hiking Outdoors Swimming
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