Alysha W.

Tour Guide at Towson University

Class of 2023

Hometown: Rockaway, NJ

Major: International Studies

How has TU helped you grow?

TU has helped me connect with so many people in so many fields. This has contributed to making me a more well rounded person and eager to continue making these connections.

Favorite Class/Professor at TU

My favorite class here so far has been Urban Government and Politics. Professor Bullock is so passionate about the subject and really draws you in discussion. The issues that we talk about in class are super interesting as well!

What do you love most about Towson University?

I love the people. Everyone here is so friendly and easy to talk to. Complete strangers will invite you to sit with them if you're by yourself and make you feel completely comfortable.

Something on my Towson University bucket list is....

To have a spring semester at Towson.

I'm passionate about...

Family and Friends Puppies Amusement Parks Trying new foods Movies

I'm involved with...

Sisterhood TU Model Organization of American States
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