Elizabeth M.

Team Member at Towson University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Smithsburg, MD

Major: Psychology

Concentration: Clinical

Minor: Theatre

Where is your favorite place on campus?

Freedom Square, for sure. It's a great outdoorsy place to hang out, especially when the weather is nice AND I can get homework done as there is a great WiFi connection.

Why did you choose Towson University?

Towson features a renowned psychology program and the faculty offer so much experience within their field that choosing to attend as a psychology major felt right. Being born and raised in MD, Towson is also an affordable option that allows me to be just close enough to home that I could go back on the weekends if I wanted to but there is usually so many different things to do I rarely choose to go (it's okay, Mom, you can still visit).

What advice would you give a prospective student?

GET INVOLVED!! It sounds cheesy, but I can attest that I didn't really feel like Towson was my home until I started joining clubs and becoming a part of organizations that fueled my passions.

What do you love most about Towson University?

The community feel. I am always seeing friends and classmates around campus and it's refreshing to be able to greet a familiar face. Towson is truly a large school with a small school feel.

I'm passionate about...

Bob's Burgers petting dogs CATS Spending Time Outdoors Yoga Art Traveling Photography

I'm involved with...

Phi Sigma Pi Center for Student Diversity Lambda Kappa Tau Psychology Club
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