Josh K.

Class of 2020

Hometown: Commack, NY

Major: Secondary Education

Concentration: History

Where is your favorite place on campus?

I really enjoy spending time in the Liberal Arts building as that is where many of my friends are frequently as many of them are social sciences majors or education majors and thus are in that building often.

What advice would you give a prospective student?

I would advise prospective students to do their best to keep up grades before college and when you enter college. College is a lot more work in many cases than high school. I would also advise students entering college to come with an open mind. Be ready to try out activities that you might not have attempted back home.

Why did you choose Towson University?

Towson has a great education program and it filled out many of the criteria that I had for a college that I wanted to attend.

What do you love most about Towson University?

I love the feel of Towson. Despite Towson having around 22,000 students now it still feels small. I have classes with many of my friends and see them walking to places all the time. Towson is small enough in its layout also that it is easy to get places even if it is on the other side of campus from you.

I'm passionate about...

Soccer Baseball political discourse Kayaking and Activities on the Water

I'm involved with...

Towson Democrats Towson Track Club