Megan W.

Tour Guide at Towson University

Class of 2021

Hometown: West Grove, PA

Major: Occupational Therapy

Minor: Biology

How has TU helped you grow?

Towson has helped me to become more confident in my interpersonal and professional skills through challenging me academically and socially.

Why did you choose Towson University?

I choose Towson for the academic and student life. When I toured Towson as a senior in high school I knew I could make Towson feel like a second home.

Favorite Class/Professor at TU

has been Introduction to Epidemiology. Although this class wasn't required for my major, epidemiology has always been an interest of mine so it was a great way to learn some new things and establish a foundation in the subject.

Favorite Local Shop or Restaurant

is Hightops, they have great nachos!

I'm passionate about...

Spending time with my family and friends Helping People Succeed Reading

I'm involved with...

SOTA Tiger Lilies
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