Nikki G.

Honors Recruitment Officer and Tour Guide at Towson University


Class of 2025

Hometown: Mount Airy, MD

Major: International Studies

Favorite Local Shop or Restaurant

My friends and I frequently make outings to Sushi Hana in uptown just for the vibes.

How has TU helped you grow?

TU has helped me grow by providing me with varied opportunities to try new things and achieve balance in my life. During my time here, I have been pushed to learn new things, try new clubs, and meet new people. This has all already helped me become a more rounded and secure person.

Favorite Class/Professor at TU

I have enjoyed ALL of my classes at Towson so far but some of my favorites have been TSEM and Introduction to International Relations.

What do you wish you would have known your first semester?

Prior to my first semester I wish I had known that IT WILL ALL BE GREAT. As anxiety-inducing as a large lifestyle change (such as starting college) may be, I truly found that most of the things that I was worried about actually did not end up being a big deal.

I'm involved with...

Model UN Honors Helping Hands Honors College Leadership Council
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