Rachida K.

International Diplomat at Towson University


Class of 2022

Hometown: Région Maritime, Togo

Major: Cell and Molecular Biology/ Pre-Medicine

My Schedule:


Monday 3-5PM
Tuesday 3:30-5:00PM
Thursday 3-5PM

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You could have chosen any university in the world, why did you choose Towson University?

I choose Towson University due to the Diversity and great assistance that I received from the Admission Office during my application. The location also played in my decision since it is close to Washington DC and New York, so it is easy to navigate to those places. After coming to the US, I kept being impressed by the amount of Diversity I experienced. I met people from different parts of the World that I would have never met if I did not study abroad. .

What was your biggest adjustment and how did you turn it into a positive experience?

My most significant adjustment was the language barrier. I graduated from an Anglophone High School before coming to the US; however, with French being my first language, I still had language barriers with my courses. I overcame this by joining the International Student Association (ISA). Meeting and communicating with other International Students helped me be more conformable, and eventually gave me the confidence to tackle my classes. Other than that, I went to my Professors' Office hours and attended Tutoring Sessions. In order to make use of my French Language, I also joined l'Aventure Francaise to volunteer as a French Tutor.

Please list languages that you can speak fluently.

English, French, and Ewe/mina

Please tell us a story about your experience at Towson University

My experience at Towson University has been a lot of growth and discovery. I went through different stages and learned to adapt and make the most of every situation. As I got more comfortable in meeting more people, I got more involved on campus by joining the Black Student Union (BSU), the International Student Association (ISA), and l'Aventure Francaise ( a French Club). I applied for Leadership positions in some of these clubs as a Lead French Tutor in L'aventure Francaise and currently the Vice President of the International Student Association. Throughout my journey overall, I have served as the Secretary of ISA and currently serving as the Vice President. I have also held the position of a Liaison in the Global Village Community, working with the Housing and Residence Life Office. I have also worked as a Community Center Assistant with the Housing and Residence Life. Academically, I have had the opportunity to work on three different Research Projects with Dr. Hemm, Dr. Sheppard, and Dr. Kimble as part of the TU Research Enhancement Program ( TU REP). In addition to that, I am currently working at the International Students and Scholars Office and the Internation Recruitment Office. I am also currently, part of the Leading Team in the creation and organization of the International Diplomats Volunteer Program with the International Recruitment Office and the International Student Association (ISA).

I'm passionate about...

Traveling Netflix Trying new foods Hiking

I'm involved with...

Pre-Med Club International Student Association
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