Raven W.

Honors Recruitment Officer and Tour Guide at Towson University


Class of 2025

Hometown: Upper Marlboro, MD

Major: Elementary Education

Concentration: Early Childhood Education

Minor: Deaf Studies

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Get involved! I know it's said all the time on tours and at events, but getting involved on campus really is the best way to make friends, expand your horizons, and find new interests. TU has a lot of great opportunities to learn about clubs and organizations and everyone is very welcoming to new people!

Something on my Towson University bucket list is....

I want to try my hand at the Ninja Warrior Course or the rock climbing wall in Burdick! I am always at Burdick, but my upper body strength and coordination isn't that good, but I do want to be able to say I at least tried to do each activity at least once.

What do you love most about Towson University?

I love how welcoming everyone is! At TU, they really strive to make everyone feel included, especially when it comes to joining new clubs or going to school events. I also love that Towson has so many events and fairs around campus to see what's happening, and what students can get in to around campus.

On a random day, you’ll most likely find me …

Either doing my work in the quiet room at my dorm or reading somewhere on campus. I'm trying to get out of my dorm more this semester, so when the weather's nice, you can most likely find me outside with my current read!

I'm passionate about...

Working Out Bullet Journaling alternative music Reading Good Books Reading and Writing

I'm involved with...

Educators Rising Towson Black Student Union Honorables of Color
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