Suzanne H.

Team Member at Towson University

Class of 2019

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Major: Social Sciences

Concentration: Secondary Education

What advice would you give a prospective student?

Be proactive. Being proactive means to create something instead of just responding to it. So go out there and apply for scholarships, meet with alumni, tour campus, sit in on classes, visit our student art gallery, and attend a game. Then once you're a student here, don't just sit through class and go home to study. Introduce yourself to the classmate next to you and ask them if they want to eat lunch after class. Raise your hand to answer a tough question. Try something new (I am still trying to convince myself to try our indoor rock climbing wall). This is mindset will make you more successful and you'll have fun doing it!

Where is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the 24/7 student lounge in the library. When I go there I know I'll be able to relax and complete my work with no distractions. Right next to it is our on-campus Starbucks and Newell Den for when I need a study break to eat. A lot of my friends go to the library so it is always nice running into people. Also, I really enjoy living in the West Village. I have lived here for all 4 years and have had so much fun :)

Why did you choose Towson University?

I thought when you first stepped foot on a campus, you’d immediately know it was the school for you. When I first toured TU my sophomore year in high school, I didn't have that experience. But throughout the next couple years, I toured schools all up and down the coast and realized none of them compared to Towson. I came back to tour a second and third time and knew it was perfect for me. I like the relatively small campus and proximity to the big city, but most importantly the amazing program we have for students for who want to be teachers.

What do you love most about Towson University?

I love the professors. Since my very first class on August 26, 2015, my professors made an effort to learn my name and my background. They were there for me through emails, skype calls, office hours, grabbing a coffee, etc. TU professors are apart of the community and truly care about their students. I love how I can bond with my professors and know that they have my back and want me to succeed.

I'm passionate about...

Going to target for things I don't need Online Shopping Watching TV Traveling

I'm involved with...

Student Teaching Council for Exceptional Children National Society of Leadership and Success Phi Alpha Theta History Honorary
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