Serena W.

Tour Guide at Towson University

Class of 2024

Hometown: Elkridge, MD

Major: Acting (BFA)

What do you wish you would have known your first semester?

Doing the minimum 12 credits is OK. I was completely stressed doing 16. The college work load and new schedule is new for you and it can be extremely overwhelming. Don't be afraid to drop a class or two. Give yourself the breathing room so you can enjoy your college experience!

My favorite TU event, experience or tradition is...

I love the involvement fairs because it gives me the chance to see a lot of the clubs and organizations that the school has to offer. I signed up for a lot of groups that first semester, I didn't stick to all of them but I met my friends through these groups!

Something on my Towson University bucket list is....

Climb the rock wall and complete the jungle course in Burdick hall before the end of spring 22'

How has TU helped you grow?

I have definitely gotten more comfortable asking for help. At every resource I've used, the staff have been very encouraging and incredibly patient with me. Even when I was fumbling with my words or close to tears over the phone, they always met with kindness and were eager to help. It's really boosted my confidence

I'm passionate about...

Creative writing Acting

I'm involved with...

The Lunch Table
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